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Welcome to Real Angels the official angel information website of Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker where you can read about real encounters with angels. These authentic accounts were sent in via my newspaper column and closely scrutinised by my editor before being published. As far as we are aware they are authentic accounts of real angel experiences and bona fide stories told by honest people.

Are Angels Real? We read about angels in mythology but many people also believe that angels are real beings that make contact with living people to guide and shape their destiny. Of course many will scoff and say that this is simply religious fantasy. Modern people need to drop silly superstitions and the ides of winged beings talking to us. There’s about as much proof of angels as there is for Father Christmas!

Yet despite the sceptics comments, the belief in the existence of real angels continues today.  Many people believe that they have directly encountered real angels and have shared their experiences with us here on this website. Others claim to have taken photographs of angels. Some of these images are clearly fakes made to take in the gullible but there are others that raise serious questions and may indeed be authentic. If you go to our forums (on our other website) you will be able to view hundreds of alleged ‘real angel photographs’ sent to this site – and you’ll be able to add your comments too.

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Real AngelsSome claim that angels leave messages - such as feathers - to say they they are with us. Of course this could be wishful thinking but you will read here of people who genuinely believe these claims and have some extraordinary true stories to verify their angelic encounters. Included are accounts of children who have seen angels.

Then of course there are the people who believe that angels are not feathered beings but beings of light who make contact with us from the Heavenly planes. These celestial beings were once people who over the course of millennia evolved spiritually to become spirit guides. Within Spiritualism followers claim that the spirit guides are advances souls who no longer are required to return to earth. Instead they are privileged to live in the highest spiritual realms and spend their time teaching and helping others climb the ladder to divinity.

We have stories from people who believe that angels walk among us. Some claim that because of the intervention of an angel their life has been saved or has intervened and seen an authentic angel during the World War There are others who assure us they have felt the touch of an angel during daily life or they have spoken to angels when they were a child. We have also posted some of the most common questions about angels and when you explore these pages you can also click through to some of the in-depth pages we have posted on our main website.  

Angel Beliefs

We believe that the people who have sent these stories are honest, authentic, sincere and genuine and that the alleged encounters with real angels are true accounts of what the person genuinely believed happened. However in each example we have given an answer and alternative explanations so that a balanced and fair understanding can be made.

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On this site you can read real angel stories and true accounts of encounters with angels. You will also find links to other part of our network with substantial sections about Real Angel Pictures and Real Angel Videos. We also have a very busy forum where people are encouraged to post and discuss their Real Angel Sightings.   

Of course not everyone believes in angels so you may find lively discussion and debate in the sections of our forum. Some of these include:

As well as extensive areas about real angels we also have sections about real ghosts and other psychic encounters. Real Angels is the section of our network where we investigate and give information about angels and the angelic world. Included are real pictures of angels, real stories about angels as well as lots of information about the angelic world, archangels and true stories about meeting angels..

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