Extraordinary real encounters with angel spirit guide


QuestionWhen I’m working in the kitchen, I sometimes feel someone brush my cheek. This has been happening for about three years and I come to realise that it is one of my spirit guides trying to communicate with me.

I call my guide ‘The King’ because he is a majestic Arab who wears a large turban, a long flowing scarf and a tunic of yellow and brown. On one occasion, I saw him wearing western clothes of the highest quality. He had on a pristine suit; shinny black shoes and even wore glasses.

I often feel him around me but, surprisingly perhaps, never feel afraid.

I have no idea why I should have an Arab spirit guide draw close to me. I have only one good friend who is an Arab. He’s a friend of my daughter and comes from Iraq.

Mrs J A- Colindale, London.

QuestionIf I were writing this column for a Spiritualist newspaper, I would expect to get letters from people who are in touch with their spirit guides. I am fascinated and surprised to hear from so many readers like you who make no claim to psychic powers, have no pre-conceived beliefs, yet believe that you have spirit helpers. Some mediums believe that the Arab guides are there to help with healing powers. Perhaps this is something you should consider studying.

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QuestionMy husband was taken into hospital with some very serious bowel complaints. We were all very concerned that we may loose him. However, during his stay in hospital he had a vision that changed everything. An angel hovered beside him and kissed him on the lips. It called his name and said, “Come on. Get up and get out of bed. You’re not ready yet.”

Soon after this, he quickly got better. He still has to have a no fat diet but, considering his condition before, he is now remarkably well. Do you think that one of God’s angels spoke to him?

Mrs E F- Long Eaton, Notts.

QuestionIf you study the religions of the world, you will see that just about all of them believe in angels of some kind. There are records of angels that go right back to the times of the first civilisations. Many show them with wings but I believe that this is a symbol for their transcendent nature. For me angels are spiritually advanced beings that exist in a state that is about as close to God as you can get. Yes, I believe that an angel may have spoken to your husband in his hour of need

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