QuestionI was involved in an accident and broke my arm. Afterwards the pain was so intense that I went to bed early hoping to sleep through my discomfort. I was propped up in bed for about an hour when my bedroom door appeared to turn into a tunnel of light. I saw a figure walking down this tunnel towards me.

I ‘knew’ the figure was of a well-known celebrity. She told me that I would be all right. I awoke the next morning in the knowledge that three things would happen to me. 1. I would see something of significance on the television. 2. I would buy a CD by this person. 3. I would see them in concert.

A few weeks later, while channel hopping the TV, I watched a programme about country music and heard Alison Krauss singing. I realised immediately that she was the woman from my vision. I was glued to the set, her voice sounded like an angel. The next day I bought the CD when I accidentally came across it in a catalogue I was thumbing through.

When the CD arrived I remembered my vision and noted that two of its prophecies had happened. What about the third?

Later that day while reading the local paper I noticed that there was to be a country music concert in a hall just down the road from me. The star attraction was an appearance by Alison Krauss! The coincidence was too much. I went to the concert and was completely converted to Bluegrass music.

Andy H- Willenhall, West Midlands

QuestionIt seems that destiny conspired to awaken your love of country music. For you it is a dream come true- for me it would be my worst nightmare!

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QuestionI read with interest your comments about advanced spirit helpers and I believe that I have met one.  I met a stranger who knew everything about me from the moment we met. He told me all about my past, my time in the navy, and my rather difficult life. Also he predicted the correct address of a house I was to later buy. He said that deep down I was a good man and that given different circumstances I could have even been a cop!!

D H - H M Prison.

Question* * They say that angels walk amongst us and you met the next best thing: a highly psychic, compassionate man that was prepared to spiritually help a stranger.



QuestionI was in hospital recovering from a serious operation. I was receiving pain killers but have had many hundreds of these through my life and never hallucinated. At the bottom of my bed stood a man in a 1950's khaki green trench coat. He calmly said that he had come for me as it was my time to go. I told him to buzz off (actually my language was a little stronger). I feel guilty now because, if this was an angel from God, I was rather rude.

John A

QuestionYour will power got you through the operation. Don't worry- the spirit guides or angels are probably used to a little strong language.

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